Our Furniture



In line with our customer-centric approach at De Pedro Designs, we offer our clients the experience of customising their furniture in terms of the style, size and colour. Being able to personalise your furniture enables you and your family to have design furniture that suites your unique tastes and function.


Central to our design ethos is that all De Pedro Design pieces have to be of the highest quality. All our furniture is manufactured with only A grade Pine wood and our frames are tested to ensure strength and durability. We use the highest quality imported fabrics and offer our pieces in a range of fabrics to suit your budget and your needs. Every product that we manufacture is quality checked before it leaves the factory floor and we are proud of our excellent record in product returns. Our product quality is our pride.

Velvet Fabric 2



De Pedro Designs manufactures contemporary, classic or vintage designer furniture guided by what a client requests. Client consultation ensures that the final product satisfies style, quality and functionality requirements.